Weather Delays Testing of Quitman Water Supply

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During last week’s deep freeze, the town of Quitman experienced major problems with its water system. The cold conditions froze the primary pump, and the backup pump also failed as a result. In an effort to refill the tanks and restore water to Quitman, they turned on a pump to transfer water from the well to the tank. However, they discovered that the cold weather had also frozen the chlorine pump, preventing the well water from receiving the chlorine needed to clean it.

Mayor Eddie Fulton explained why chlorine is important for the water, he says “If you don't put chlorine in the water, well now you're taking a big risk because you may have something that will affect it. Chlorine does clean the water, it does clear it up. Without chlorine in the water and every restaurant in town say they can't boil water if they don't have any, the most important thing was to get water running."

They did get the water restored and Quitman hopes to begin testing the water Tuesday morning. The test involves taking 28 samples from the well to the end of the line, by heating a spicket to ensure there's no contamination on the spicket, then taking a water sample. They have to do this a total of 28 times and send the samples to Jackson. The weather, however, delayed testing today.

"If It’s raining, you can't do it,” Mayor Fulton says. He went on to say “Water splashing from a leaf or the ground will affect the quality of the sample and may cause you to have to take more samples. As of today, the best hope we have, is we'll have two days of clear weather, which means we'll do the first samples tomorrow, now instead of Wednesday, we're looking at Thursday. Hopefully Thursday afternoon late we can lift the boil water notice”