Weather System Makes for Messy Travel

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Meridian, Miss. This holiday season wintry weather has already plagued some parts of the country making roads more treacherous. Some parts of the state set records for 24 hour rainfall totals, with totals exceeding 3.5 inches. Now as temperatures begin to drop, and the threat of some wintry weather approaches, local law enforcement has a few tips for driving safely in this weather.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie says "We in law enforcement encourage everyone to slow down. It is always better to arrive late than not at all. We encourage all motorists to wear seat belts and to use cruise control on highway and interstate systems."

Should roads become icy, as the temperatures drop, Sollie says "We strongly encourage you to slow things down even further. If the roads become icy, do not use the speed control, but do slow down even further."

Local law enforcement and local emergency managers have been watching the situation closely, and will continue to watch it as the temperatures drop.

Sollie says "We have not been informed by LEMA that the conditions are going to deteriorate to the point that we need to be concerned. We are going to monitor them through the night. We will have deputies out monitoring the bridges. If anything does become treacherous, we will first notify the media so they can notify the public."