Wechsler School Giving Tours on Friday

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Meridian, Miss 1983 was the last year the Wechsler School was used as a school. The original building was constructed in 1894, and over the years expanded into the build currently seen on 15th street. The building represent an important part of history for African Americans as it is the first brick school building constructed for African Americans in Mississippi using public funds. Currently, the Wechsler Community Arts Association has been trying to revitalize the building for over a decade.

Reverend G. L. Moore, the President of the Wechsler Community Arts Association says "Grants have been written and denied, proposals have been put into place, members have come and gone, but it is a worthy venture and we are steadily trying to create something great that at one time was already great."

Like many meridian residents, Moore was once a student who walked the halls of Wechsler, and like the others, he wants to see the building restored and renovated to continue to be a blessing to the community.

Moore says "I love the building. I went here until the second grade and then we went elsewhere. Always projects, always programs, the mahogany performing arts performed here, a black theater group. There were always dances, there were always activities. It was a hub of the community and needs to be saved at all costs."