Weekend Shooting Leads to Investigation

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Meridian, Miss. It was on a stretch of Will Wright Road, just off of Highway 19 South where Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun says a shooting occurred in the 1400 block late Saturday Night. Calhoun says an individual was pulling into his driveway when he realized he was being followed by another car, it was at that time shots were fired and the individual suffered two gunshot wounds, one to the leg and one to his back.

"We believe that the vehicle that was used in this shooting was a gold or silver Chevrolet Caprice of an unknown year model," said Calhoun. "Investigators have recovered evidence at the scene as well as evidence from the vehicle and we'll continue to attempt to determine who the shooter or shooters may have been."

7 shots were fired total during the shooting with five of those shots hitting the victims car.

"Based upon what we know so far in our investigation, we believe this is a situation where this individual was targeted, we don't believe it was random," said Calhoun. "The individual or individuals who shot at him had a reason to do that. We will use that as a basis for our investigation to help us to develop suspects."

The victim was treated at a local hospital and eventually released. Calhoun says the investigation is still underway in the shooting.

"We don't have any suspects at this time," said Calhoun. "We have some general information that we hope will help us successfully locate some suspects and then be able to prosecute this case. Of course the publics help is always desired."

If you have any information that might help investigators in this case, you can call the Lauderdale County Crimestoppers Line at 855-485-TIPS.