Loper Has Eye on Nashville

This past weekend a young man from mobile Alabama made a stop in meridian to show off his singing and writing abilities.

Singer/songwriter Wes Loper of Mobile, Ala., played a mini concert at Meridian's Rhythm and Brews as part of tour dates in the southeast.

Loper says his passion and love of the music has opened up a lot of doors just by hooking up with longtime Meridian radio personality and promoter Ken Rainey.

"I love country music. I've been listening to it and living it my whole life," said Loper. "I like a lot of different kinds of music and I've played a lot of different kinds of music, learned my instrument and learned my craft. But I've settled back in the roots of what comes natural to me, which is country."

Loper said he loves to tell stories with his music and his dream is to achieve success in Nashville.