Wechsler School Revitalization

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One Meridian landmark that officials would like to restore is the old Wechsler school.

The former school for black students has been vandalized numerous times in the last several years and officials say they are hopeful to have a plan in place soon to revitalize the building and put an end to the vandalism.

"Well, what we're doing is we're educating the community on the importance of the Wechsler building," Pastor Greg Moore says. "We haven't had any incidents in over a year. As far as the building is concerned, we're doing some reconstruction on the building and then with the input of young men like Scotty working with the neighborhood, we're starting with the building and then branching out and creating a whole new atmosphere for the entire community and neighborhood. "

Moore says there are no problems with revitalization efforts so far as everyone is on board with the plan.