Wicker Tours Lignite Plant

Wicker also spent time in Kemper County as he visited the new lignite plant being built by Mississippi Power Co.

Wicker was invited to meet with company officials and take a tour of the facility.

Mississippi Power says over 250 companies in the state have a hand in either constructing the plant or providing the materials required to build it.

Company spokesman Jeff Shepard says those companies and many of the people who work for them are Wicker's constituents.

"It is such a big project that's happening in his state. You know, it's one of the few power plants being built in America right now," said Shepard. "So obviously he's very interested in it. And it's great to know that he believes in this company and he's backing us 100%."

"And quit sending this great transfer of wealth overseas to regimes that don't like us much," said Wicker. "So the great story here is that we are producing American energy for Americans."

Wicker says the government has a signed contract with Mississippi Power that will help rate payers in the long term.