Wide Load Being Moved in Mississippi

Tuesday through Thursday, Burkhalter Rigging Inc. will be moving a large load from the Contract Fabricators in Holly Springs to the power plant site in Kemper County.

The load is 22 feet by 3 inches wide and 16 feet by 3 inches high and 221 feet by 3 inches long and will weigh 871,000 pounds.

The route the hauler will travel will be from Rolfing Road in Holly Springs entering SR 7 to SR 311, then travel north on SR 311 to Landfill Road. It will then travel west on Landfill Road to US Highway 78 to US Highway 45 where it will head south on US Highway 45 alternate to Brooksville, then travel south on US Highway 45 to Scooba, then it will travel west on SR 16 to SR 493 and then will travel south on SR 493 where it will reach the power plant site.

The load will be moved between September 18-20 depending on the weather. Once these loads reach Scooba, they will wait until after 8 p.m. to continue the route to the power plant site. These loads will be accompanied by law enforcement officers for traffic control and safety.

Motorists should be aware and expect a short traffic delay along this route.