Winston Academy Closed Monday Following Vandalism

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Two arrests have been made in what is being called one of the biggest cases of vandalism in recent years.

Police say Winston Academy in Louisville was seriously damaged early Saturday morning. Police are estimating those damages to be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

There were desks hanging from ceilings, tons of broken glass, and school trophies completely destroyed. Parents and school faculty were shocked to see the extent of the vandalism that took place early Saturday morning to Winston Academy.

A number of items reported stolen include cash, several laptops, and cell phones. Brenda sinclair, a teacher of 43 years, says she's never seen such destruction and hopes no students were involved in it.

Faculty speculate that the damage happened sometime around 2 a.m., but without an alarm system or surveillance video, authorities can't be too sure. The Louisville Police Department say there's thousands of dollars worth of damage.

School will be closed on Monday and anyone who interested in helping clean up is asked to call or stop by the school.