Winter Storm Forecast Discussion

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Most models in are in agreement on this system. Northern portions of the viewing area are most likely going to see some impacts from this potential ice storm. What I'm thinking right now is that locations north of highway 14 through Louisville and Macon will see .25" to .5" of ice and could see another inch of snow on top of that. Between highways 14 and 16 we could see .1" to .25" of ice. This includes the city of Philadelphia and northern portions of Sumter County. Between highway 16 and I-20 we could see a brief period where we change over from Rain to a mix of Sleet/Rain/Freezing Rain and see trace amounts of ice to .1" of ice. This is a situation that we have to watch closely for any changes. A small change could have a major impact to our area.

As of right now the following counties are under Winter Weather Advisory:







The potential impacts from this storm could be icy roads, bridges, overpasses. Ice accumulation on trees and power lines could cause some power outages as well. I expect the worst of this storm will be north of highway 14, as they could see ice and snow. One thing I will be keeping a close eye on is surface temperatures as well data that comes from weather balloons. Minor changes in the temperature profile of the atmosphere could have major impacts as far as what type of precipitation we see and how much we see. The area we are watching for the greatest changes is along I-20/59. The freezing rain line is expected to remain north of I-20/59. We will continue to monitor this as it develops.