Witness Recounts Bar Robbery and Shooting

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Witnesses say they were terrified and feared for their lives after a man with gun entered the Neighborhood Bar and Lounge on Tuesday night and attempted to rob customers.

Eyewitness William Jordan says things quickly went downhill when the suspect entered the bar with a revolver and ordered everyone on the floor before approaching a woman at the bar.

"Came up and grabbed her purse," Jordan recalls. "As he grabbed her purse, she snatched it away from him and kind of hit him."

A man then apparently chased the suspect out of the front door and in to the parking lot before the suspect eventually shot the man in the middle of the street.

"I mean, he should have never went outside," Jordan says in regard to the victim. "He should have never followed him. That was my opinion, he should have never followed him out of the door. Once he [the suspect] got out of this bar, he should have locked the door and everybody was safe then."

Bar manager Betty Scott says the victim underwent surgery at a local hospital and is doing well. She wasn't at the bar at the time of the incident, but says it was a terrifying couple of minutes for those who were.

"They thought they were going to die," Scott says. "They were scared. They said he was acting like a lunatic. He was waving the gun everywhere, just bouncing around everywhere."

Scott says this robbery and shooting has prompted the bar to hire off-duty police officers to help with security.