Woman Found Dead in Burned Mobile Home

The City of Philadelphia has recorded its first homicide of the year. The victim was a woman who was found dead over the weekend in a burned mobile home.

The fire was first reported around 5:15 p.m. Saturday in the Sistrunk Mobile Home Park.

So far, Daniel Williamson has been charged with arson.

Two days after the fire, the smell of smoke lingers along with the horrific memory for neighbors about what happened.

"It's just a tragedy. It's just a tragedy," said Jaquanza Bingham, a friend of the victim.

According to investigators, a woman was found dead inside a bedroom.

"I woke up about 5:30 and the house was on fire. I didn't know nobody was in there. He didn't tell nobody until later on and that's when we knew that someone was in there," Bingham said, referring to Williamson, who owned the mobile home.

According to neighbors, Williamson and the victim lived there together for at least the last two years.

"I asked him, was she in there?" said Saundra Bufkin, another neighbor. "And he pointed over there and said, 'Yeah, she is in that room right there'. And I asked him what happened and he said, 'I got up this morning to go to work,' and that was it. I said, 'You got up this morning to go to work? Well, where was she at?' He never did say."

"My friend noticed an argument about 3:30 that morning over there with slamming doors, but didn't think nothing about it; just thought it was an argument between a girlfriend and boyfriend," said Bingham.

According to investigators, Williamson was taken into custody at the scene.

"He was on the scene and he did not resist arrest. He has been cooperative," says Marsha Bavetta, lead investigator.

"We had people that came forward who were willing to provide information to let us know which way to turn and be able to get a quick ending to the case," said Philadelphia Police Chief William Cox.

At this time police say no more arrests are expected.

Investigators are waiting for notification of the victim's next of kin before releasing her name. They are also waiting for the release of the official autopsy results to determine her exact cause of death.

Police say Williamson is expected to face more charges.