Woman Recounts Black Friday Fight at Walmart

Meridian, Miss. Black Friday shopping has become synonymous with chaos. Scenes like this one are seen in cities around the world, but even Meridian is no exception.

"I was standing in the aisle trying to contact my sister on the phone because I couldn't locate her in the store, and a fought broke out. People started fighting on the aisle that I was on, and Walmart employee pushed me against the freezer," said shopper JaClara Moore.

Moore says she and her sister were doing some Black Friday shopping at the Bonita Lakes Walmart when a fight broke out over the TV's. Meridian Police say the brawl became bad enough that three individuals were arrested. Moore says Black Friday violence is never anything she expected to see up close.

"On the news, I never thought I would be involved in it," she said. "I went to Black Friday along with my sister. I wasn't purchasing anything at all, so I even regretted getting out of the car."

Moore says it was then that a Walmart employee pushed her. And several others started yelling for bystanders to put away their phones.

"The fight was crazy, customers were running to the fight trying to see what was going on, police were running toward it. It was really hectic," she said.

She says after the employee pushed her, she began to yell at him, and he picked up an off-duty officer's taser and threatened to use it on her. Afterward, the family spoke to Walmart management and Meridian police who were present, but say neither were helpful.

"They're making money off of us," Moore explained. "We've been Walmart customers for a while now, but we definitely won't be in the future."