Work Progressing on New Police Station

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Despite recent funding issues, officials say work has not stopped on the new police station in recent months.

Workers are now busy laying concrete bricks in what will be the jail inside the new Meridian Police Department. Crews have already finished the framing and installing the electrical wiring. Next week, workers will start hanging sheet rock. The best part is there is air conditioning, something MPD employees don't have in their current building.

"We are using a lot of local subcontractors and a lot of local labor," contractor Tim Allred says. "They are doing a great job for us. We have always believed in the ability of the people of Lauderdale County and surrounding areas to get jobs done."

"This project has been going on and working everyday for the last four months," Mayor Cheri Barry says. "Today, they had over 50 workers here, working like little ants."

Barry says the new facility will bring a new level to the police department, providing the department with lots of extra space. There is an evidence room that will have restricted access. Chief James Reed's office will have its own bathroom and shower, as well as a door to enter and exit the building.

Barry says everyone will have a chance to tour the facility once it is complete. That is expected to be sometime in the early spring.