Wright Talks about Common Core

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Meridian, Miss Common Core has been the center of controversy since its implementation. State superintendent, Dr. Carey Wright, the guest speaker at Business Before Hours, says
confusion and misunderstandings have led many to believe that it is a federally-mandated curriculum. She says it is only a set of standards.

Dr. Wright says, "It has always been a state-led initiative from the National Governors Association; that’s the first part of it. The other part of it is that people think it’s a curriculum, that there is content inside it, that children are going to learn what they don't want them to learn. There is no content inside a standard. A standard is a goal. What do you want children to know and be able to do?"

Wright also spoke of how we can raise state standards and college preparedness for Mississippians.

"If we only have 14 percent of our kids participating in advanced placement exams, that are really not enough, we have a lot of bright children around this state that need to be challenged," according to Wright.

She said it has to start at a young age, and that education as a whole is brought up when we focus on early education. Wright said she believes improving the education provided at a young age for all levels of income will level the playing field for kids from low income families.

She says, "I think when you get little ones in a high quality program and provide that rich environment, that's rich with language, and rich with experiences, then they grow accordingly."