York Hospital Offers Food Safety Tips

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York, Alabama A West Alabama hospital is offering some advice after one person died and dozens were sickened from a foodborne illness.

Nurses at Hill Hospital in York say hand washing is one way to protect yourself. Also, if you have suspicions about food sitting out too long, especially during the summer time, don't eat it. The State Department of Health in Alabama says cross contamination led to a number of people being hospitalized after a funeral service.

"These things tend to spoil quickly," Registered Nurse Gus Weiss points out. "Mayonnaise, milk-based foods, egg-based foods, and raw meats tend to spoil in a hurry. So if you know they haven't been refrigerated in a while, the best thing to do is stay away."

The State Department of Health plans to do more testing on those who were sickened last week. An autopsy was performed on a funeral worker who died, but those results have not yet been released.