York Murder Victim's Family Responds

Bond has been denied for two men charged with murder in West Alabama. Christopher Edwards, age 21 and 19-year-old Damon Lake are charged with the beating death of Terrell Brown. Investigators are revealing that a metal bar was used to kill the 31-year-old at his home in York. Loved ones of the victim are calling the murder, 'senseless!'

Three days after the murder, and family members of 31-year-old Terrell Brown say they are saddened and confused by what happened.

'I had just dropped him off at 9:30 at his house,' says Olivia Bailey. She and Terrell Brown have a three-year-old son together. Bailey says Brown was a good father to their son and her other children. It was about 11 Tuesday night when York police were called to the house where Terrell Brown lived. Once inside, they discovered that he had been beaten to death with an almost three and a half foot long metal bar.

"My son basically kept to himself with family or friends and he didn't bother anybody. He didn't have an enemy," says Terrell Brown's mother, Annette Wilson.

Investigators say robbery was the motive.

"He didn't have enough in his wallet to take his life," says Bailey. "He didn't have that kind of money. I don't know what would make them think that he would've had that because he was supposed to leave yesterday to go on a job."

"To take his life over nothing, when they could just go out and get a job, that was just definitely uncalled for," says Brown's godmother, Yolanda Porter.

Family members say Terrell Brown was focused on making the conditions better for his loved ones. Killed senselessly on Tuesday, they say he was set to leave less than two days later for a job that he had secured offshore.

"We're hoping that the guys that did it get what's coming to them."

Grateful for the quick action of York police in making the arrests on the night of the murder, those close to Brown say they will not rest until justice is served!

"I plan on being at every hearing. I want to make sure that they don't see the light of day again!" says Bailey.

Police have retrieved the weapon used. Both suspects are charged with capitol murder. Their cases are expected to be presented to a Sumter County grand jury in September.