Young Professionals Key to Future

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Young Professionals from Jackson, Gulfport, and all over Mississippi gathered in downtown Meridian for day two of a statewide summit.

Mississippi's future generation was treated to a speech from Mississippi's first daughter, Katie Bryant Snell, who encouraged everyone to get involved with economic development in the state. Young Professionals Newscenter 11 talked to said the two-day summit made them realize all of the potential the magnolia state holds.

"We are the minds that will be molded," Kerri Paul from Gulfport said. "And we are going to be the leaders in the future. We're the leaders now, but Mississippi really needs us."

"And I think coming together is so important because it gives you a support base," Alan Henderson said. "It gives you confidence to move forward because otherwise, you lose that spirit when you're by yourself."

Snell, an attorney in Jackson, told the crowd by having good jobs in the magnolia state, it prevents young people from moving away and taking jobs outside of the state.

"Too many of us think we aren't going to make a difference," Snell said. "And if everybody thinks you can't make a difference, then we won't. So my advice is to get out there in your community, ask what you can do."

Snell said it's also important to be an advocate for Mississippi. Meaning, when you see someone outside of the state, fill them in on the efforts being made here. After the summit, Young Professionals were able to pose with Civil Rights figure James Meredith and hear how he strived to make a difference in the state.

Experts say no matter how small your dream may be, it could have a huge impact on communities like Meridian.