Youth Summit in Meridian

Area youth took the opportunity to speak out on the issues surrounding them.
A Youth Summit at Meridian Community College's Multi-Purpose building was a collaboration between NFusion-X, Meridian Community College and Weems Mental Health Center.. The guest speaker was Marc Fomby, who focused on the lyrics used in todays songs and the effect it has on the day to day lives of teenagers.. Organizer Dr. Ceatrice Kelly says she hopes the message will make teenagers think differently about the music they listen to. "I hope that that will change how they perceive the music to be how they will address the songs and how it will help them build relationships with the opposite sex or with their family friends and all"
Youth Engagement Specialist Toni Nettles also weighed in on what our younger generation is listening to, "They listen, they see and they dont see.. They listen but they don't hear they hear but dont listen.. So now when they know what they're listening for I think it will be better for them, they'll actually know what they're listening to, what they're being told"
Organizers say the summit tonight was a follow up of the Mayor's Youth Summit back in January at Meridian's City Hall. They say the teens wanted more of an opportunity to express their opinions, so tonight's event was put into motion.