Barbour Releases 3-Year Katrina Report

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour released a report on the state's recovery since Hurricane Katrina hit three years ago. Friday is the third anniversary.

The report was compiled by the Governor's Office of Recovery and
Renewal. It said housing remains the most critical issue facing the state.

The report said 71 percent of $5.4 billion Mississippi received in federal recovery funds is being used for housing and related needs.

"The third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is a major milestone in
our journey toward the recovery and renewal of south Mississippi and the
Gulf Coast," said Barbour. "We have continued to make great strides since Katrina and, while the work isn't done yet, I am very proud of the thousands of Mississippians, the public and private agencies, churches, and our federal partners whose efforts are so deeply appreciated."

The report also said Mississippi is more prepared than ever for the threat of

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