Meridian Hotels Booked: Storm Evacuees

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There's no room in the inn. That's at Hilton Garden Inn of Meridian and it's the case for most hotels and motels across the Queen city. Hurricane Gustav has forced many out of their coastal homes heading north for shelter.

"The closest place is probably in East Tuscaloosa," said a Hilton Garden Inn Hotel Clerk.

Bill Adams and his wife of Bay St. Louis are out of luck today for a room, but they're on the waiting list. After Katrina wiped out their home and most of the city. They were not taking any chances this hurricane season.

"We're just afraid of those things now and this seems like it's a big one so we want to play it safe and stay out the way," said Bay St. Louis Evacuee Bill Adams.

"We do not have any vacancies until the 8th," said a Hilton Garden Inn Hotel Clerk.

The Santos family of Mandeville, Louisiana also lost their home. Originally from St. Barnard Parish, which Katrina hit hard, the family is actually stopping briefly in Meridian as they head to Memphis to stay with relatives.

"It's miserable, it's a nightmare. It's something you don't want to go through, to loss your house, loss everything you have. It's not a fun feeling," said Mandeville, La. Evacuee Kurt Santos.

Both families say they're praying that this storm will bypass the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Mississippi.

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