A Gas Station Forbids York Police Chief

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The sign that's posted at Lou's Quick Shop in York is quite clear: David Rowry your business is no longer welcome here. Do not come in this store!

"It's wrong, it's wrong. We're outraged and we're hurt!" said Lou's Quick Shop Co-owner Andrella Maye.

Lou's Quick Shop store owners say they are serious: York Police Chief David Rowry is forbidden forever.

"He's not welcome here, if I got anything to do with it, no, no!" said Maye.

That's because Rowry allegedly shot and killed a beloved man in the York Community: this man Joe Louis Bell Thursday night at this Church's Chicken restaurant. Suspicion surrounds the reason the chief approached Bell. And Rowry has been unreachable for comment since the incident.

And while the male owner can't speak English very well his anger is apparent. His wife is speaking for the both of them.

"Yes it was an injustice! It was wrong, it was just flat out wrong! This was something that could probably be accepted from a rookie but he was suppose to have experience and he's our chief, our leader, it's unacceptable!" said Maye.

And she says many of the residents feel the same way they do like Bell's brother who is still in shock and is demanding answers.

"And my brother dead for no reason at all. I love my brother and I hate he died and everybody else hate he died," said Lawrence Thomas Bell, brother of Joe Louis Bell.

"No will forget September 18th," said a bystander.

And many say the support will continue for the Bell family until justice is served.

"Even though he's dead, they still going to support Joe," said Bell.