Threefoot Festival

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It was a day of music, food, plenty of artwork and even fun for the little ones at the Threefoot Festival in downtown Meridian.

Dozens of youth enjoyed cultural art demonstrations and hands-on art, some creating their own artwork. And Rilee Thompson of Hattiesburg had a whole list of activities she enjoyed at the festival.

"I made a mask, I did a fish. You paint the fish and then you put the paper on top and when you pulled it off it was like a picture of a fish," said Thompson.

"I like the music!" said Virginia Rivers of Meridian.

The music is what drew Virgina Rivers to the festival. She has Parkinson's disease and her daughter says she doesn't let that stop the family from enjoying activities.

"We got out every chance we can to enjoy the beautiful weather and anything we can just to enjoy life," said Cindy Hatcher of Meridian.

Bessie Johnson is the owner of Pine Straw Basket Weaving in West Point. It's her 4th year setting up shop at the festival and she says she enjoys every minute of it.

"I love the hustle and the bustle of the festival, the atmosphere. I like networking with the other artists. I like the compliments and comments that I get from the patrons even if I don't sell as much as I like to, I still enjoy it," said Threefoot Festival Vendor Bessie Johnson.

Johnson says it's the hospitality that keeps people coming back each year.

"I guess I come over and over again because the staff that sort of put this festival on. They are the best, they're just generous; their generosity, their hospitality."

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