Locals on Proposed Stimulus Package

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The buzz surrounding this $819 billion dollar economic recovery plan President Obama is pushing is just not amongst lawmakers.

Many locals have their take on what some say may be biggest piece of legislation in history.

Many are in favor saying the economy is in a crisis and needs to be revitalized, but most are calling for accountability across the board.

"I don't think it should be like the other one. We don't know where the money is, no one has given an answer, and when questions are asked no one can answer them. But I think it will boost the economy because it needs to be revitalized so I think another package would be good," said June Harper of Meridian.

Another local says if this new package does not have specific rules and guidelines for usage and accountability, it will be a disaster.

"If we can't get that, I think we shouldn't give them money and I also think that a lot of the executives that are in charge of that money, they're the ones that got us into this mess in the first place and maybe they shouldn't be the ones that say where the money goes next," said Tonya Mikulas of Tuscaloosa.

The size and substance of the stimulus package remain in dispute, But if this package is passed, will it solve the problem or just create more?

"Money will help. But I think one of the key thing is the consumer got to get a little more confidence in the economy and start spending. That's what really is going to get the economy bad on track," said Ollie Jones of Meridian.

"If we spend the money we have to get something back," said Mikulas.

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