Senator Shelby Stops in Choctaw Co.

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How will the economic stimulus package affect us and what is going to mean? Those are questions some Alabama residents raised to U.S. Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama.

"Most of the people that I spoke to this morning were not embracing the stimulus package, didn't think it would amount to much or change their lives," said Senator Shelby.

From state taxes, to questions about money for more infrastructure and jobs, the audience kept Shelby on his toes. But the main topic of discussion was the stimulus. Senator Shelby says he's concerned about the huge debt this stimulus package will bring.

"We're putting that debt on the young people. It's not going to turn the economy around. It has a few good things in it, but should be borrow that amount of money, I say no," said Senator Shelby.

Shelby made two stops in West Alabama; one in York, Alabama and the other in Lavaca, Alabama. The Senator says the most pressing issue facing America is the challenge of our banking system markets are frozen and trust is lost. He believes restoring the banking system will turn the economy around.

"And I think to do that. The challenge is to revamp and bring trust back into our banking system. I think it's a thousand times more important," said Senator Shelby.

Following Choctaw County, Senator Shelby's went to Marengo County and Sunday he will make a stop in Montgomery and will be featured on CBS "Face the Nation" Sunday morning.

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