More Job Losses Expected at Pearl River Resort

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With news of 40 additional job losses at the Pearl River Resort, some Philadelphia residents are left wondering who's next.

"What's next to shut down?" said Philadelphia resident Jason Bozeman.

Bozeman says a lot of family members were employees at the casino until they got cut, too. Those 40 jobs lost are in addition to the nearly 600 jobs that were already cut at the casino in January. The resort is blaming the reductions on the recession.

The job cuts cover all areas of the Choctaw Resort. Resort spokesman Warren Strain says more cuts in the future are likely. That's why Bozeman says you have to hold on to the job you have because there's nothing else out there.

"The people I know they just scrambling for money and working here and there and I mean there's no more jobs around here," said Bozeman.

"And there's no jobs to be had here. That's where everybody was going," said Philadelphia resident Tiffany Edwards.

Edwards works at O'Neil's convenience store and she says people's livelihood was ripped up from under them.

"I think something needs to be done pretty fast before a lot of stuff goes down that don't need to go down around here," said Bozeman.

"Nobody really knows what to do; everybody's struggling. Find a convenience store and hope it works out," said Edwards.

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