Warm Weather Draws Many to Bonita Lakes

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The warm weather has brought lots of people to Bonita Lakes Park in Meridian.

"I've been stuck in the house for months. And now it's time for good weather, we're going to enjoy it," said Meridian resident Pam Scribner.

Some are getting back in the habit of exercising, after they say the cold temperatures caused them to slack off a little.

"It's good to be back out here today, running and the wind blowing, the sun just right, just like a beautiful summer day," said Meridian resident Don Rushing.

Meridian resident Lauren Peppenhorst says she walks at the park about three times a week. She says the peaceful atmosphere makes it very family friendly.

"I think Bonita Lakes is a really good place for people to come and I think more people should come out here because it's become really family oriented and I see a lot of little kids out here all the time," said Peppenhorst.

"Everybody's out playing," said Scribner.

And lots of kids were having a little fun in the sun too. Many parents say they hope the good weather will continue as we spring forward to sunny days.

"The cold weather needs to stay away because spring is here," said Scribner.

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