York Community Garden

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The rain didn't stop these artists from using their creativity in this garden.
It's a community garden sits behind the Coleman Center for the Arts and it's not your typical art arena. We're used to viewing paintings or sculptures in an art gallery like this one that feature pieces from Sumtner County artists, but these artists from Pennsylvania are in York Alabama mixing art with mother earth.

"It really reaches beyond art to talk about things that are common to all people," said Environmental Artist Robin Hewlett.

Coleman Center for the Arts Co-Director Shana Berger says the community saw a need for this garden and even had input on the type of plants and vegetables that would be planted. The center has a residency program that brings in artists from across the country to collaborate on community projects like this one.

"Gardens can be such a great way to connect with people, to educate people about how to grow food, what kind of food they eat, it can really celebrate culture," said Berger.

While the rain may have stopped residents from coming out today, coordinators say the idea is community building.

"They are going to be a couple of school gardens located behind Sumtner County High School and one at York West End Junior High School. And we are eventually going to have satellite gardens in different neighborhoods," said Berger.

Berger says once the garden is ready to be harvested, artists and residents will enjoy a good meal from the crops planted today.

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