Economy Trips Up Spring Break Plans

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It's Spring Break time and for many that means load up the kids and head out for a little fun in the sun, right? Well maybe not. Some are scaling back on this week's spring break travel plans as the country's deepening recession eats into their pocketbooks.

"Oh it affected a lot. Like I said some people really don't have the money to pay for them kind of expenses this year," said Meridian Resident Corey Thomas.

"It's either an either/or, you either pay your bills at home or you go on a trip. You know. I think a lot of people are going to stay at home because of having to pay their bills here . A lot of people losing their jobs right now," Meridian Resident Staurt Godwin.

While many people are staying home for the spring vacation because of the poor economy, some travel agents said many people have decided to go ahead with the annual trips.

Even in tough times, many families still have wallets set for taking a spring break vacation.

"No, the economy has not affected my decision. We're still going to head out to Orlando, Florida. We're going to the Magic Kingdom and we're going to have a good time," said Meridian resident Rozelta Stokes.

Instead of Disney World, many of taking shorter trips to save on the Coast. And many say with gas being much cheaper now, a road trip verses a resort vacation is more feasible.

"You gotta look if you can get in your car and drive three hours verses $1200 going to Disney World. So it is better to stay here local," said Godwin.

"Hopefully it won't be like this next year, but as of right now it's going to affect a lot of people as far as spring break trips," said Thomas.

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