Tax Revenue Remains Steady Despite Retail Decline

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Retail sales are down nationwide and many stores continue to close up shop. That's no different in Meridian.

In the past month, Goody's and Pier One Imports closed and now soon to be Old Navy closing up shop on Tuesday. And there's speculation of other stores closing.

"Yeah you wondering what is going to be closing next," said Lake resident Linda Murray.

"But we hate to see those that we love go," said Meridian resident Tanya Clark.

Some shoppers say the effects of the economy are hitting home and many are worried.

"And it's also a little discouraging because now that being that the stores are closing that means it has hit our community as hard as the other ones," said Clark.

Mayor John Robert Smith says the sales tax revenue is remaining steady. And shoppers say they are continuing to shop, some just say they are taking their business elsewhere to other stores in the city, others say they are going out of town.

"And with the stores closing in Meridian, that makes more wanna go to Jackson or Flowood to shop," said Murray.

"It's always good to have that revenue to stay here," said Clark.

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