High Winds Damage Meridian Home

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The sun is beaming in Meridian and the streets are dry. But Friday night was a different scene as severe weather threatened and rain pounded this area.

"We came out real good last night," said Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency Director David Sharp.

Sharp says luckily Lauderdale County didn't see significant damage, but there were lots of downed trees. He says the worst of the severe weather passed over the county, but he says the wind and the rain picked up around four in the morning.

"A straight line wind with a bow echo in it that brought winds of about 70 miles away across most of our county," said LEMA Director.

Sharp says there were no serious injuries reported and there was only one report of a tree that actually hit a house.

Louise Herring says the effects of those winds reached her residence on 58th avenue in Meridian. And caused a large tree from across the street to land on her house.

"Honey, I'm just devastated. That huge thing over there, it's a monster," said Meridian resident Louise Herring.

Her son and nephew worked to cut the tree to pieces and to clear the yard. Herring says there's damage to the roof and this blue tarp covers the hole over the living room.

"I never thought it would really happen. This big old tree across the road that come and got my house," said Herring.

But she's grateful the house is still standing and no one was hurt.

"We're all alive and that's a lot to be thankful for," said Herring.

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