Small Business Owner Feeling the Economic Woes

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The food is sizzling, but the business is not at Tulane Barbecue and Catering in Meridian.

"People are bagging lunches and just not eating out as much, so it's hammered me a little bit," said Tulane Barbecue and Catering Owner Inez Jones.

The restaurant is located on 8th street near the corner of 23rd avenue. Owner Inez Jones says it's been an up and down battle. She saying a good day business is steady, staying especially busy during the lunch hours.

"A bad day I can sit here from 11:30a.m. to 2p.m. and not have a customer and then around 5p.m. to 7p.m. I will get a few customers," said Jones.

The restaurant just celebrated one year on March 26th and Jones say being a new business in times like these is a struggle. The owner says she's just trying to stay in business.

"The money that I really thought I was going to generate hasn't come in like it should have," said Jones.

Besides the ribs, Jones is hoping the homemade soul food will lure people in.

"Everyone's telling me it's good. Come on out and show me," said Jones.

But Jones says this economic slump won't run her out of business.

"I'm here and I'm going to stay here hopefully," said Jones.

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