Threefoot Festival

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The heart of downtown Meridian was beating with music, art, and fun for all ages.

It was the Threefoot Festival and many locals say they just had a good time. This year's event combined two festivals: .the Arts in The Park and the Threefoot Festival and it was at a new location on 7th street.The theme was about reconnecting with the arts in Meridian.

"Today is just a day of fun, food, art, family time," said Meridian Cultural Affairs Coordinator Connie Royal.

Children created their own art with hands-on activities.

"I like to draw stuff and I like to get some games," said Meridian Resident Arlyn Grace.

Dozens of local artists showcased their work like Mark Millet who was adding the finishing touches to his artwork which is a retro piece from his childhood.

"It's kind of fun to work around folks. The kids love to look at the artist work and I get a days work done and get to meet a lot of people and reconnect with my old friends in Meridian," Threefoot Festival Artist Mark Millet.

The Threefoot Festival is something many people look forward to every year, including Caroline Wilson who says she's come every year.

"I do enjoy the crowd. I like people," said Threefoot regular Caroline Wilson.

And Wilson says she won't say when she started coming because it might give away her age.

"I tell people I'm 28 but if you turn it around I'm 82."

Participants say they will look forward to next year's Threefoot Festival.

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