Sacred Statue Stolen

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Friday morning was a very bizarre day for Wayne Gorrow of Meridian. You see it started normal: he walked the dogs as usual and started weeding in the garden but then he says he noticed something very unusual.

"And I looked up and something didn't look right and it finally downed on me that the statue of St. Frances was gone," said Meridian resident Wayne Gorrow.

Gorrow has lived at this house on 31st street for 16 years. He says the most sacred Christmas gift he gave his wife disappeared from right in front of his house. The 70 pound, 4 feet wide and 42 inches tall statue of St. Frances was no longer in it's usual spot.

"I can't see anybody pawning it or selling it. I've never seen another one like except on the Internet and that was up in Pennsylvania and it's definitely a one of a kind so I can't see a big market for it around here," said Gorrow.

The couple say they are animal lovers and St. Frances is a patron saint of animals and children of the Catholic faith. And Gorrow says he's turning the other cheek and will not press charges. He's only asking for the person or people responsible for stealing it to return it.

"No questions asked just as long as it's in good shape and shows back up here. They can drop it off anytime day or night and if we see somebody pull up we want watch," said Gorrow.

Gorrow says he's praying it will show up, but if he never gets it back he hopes whoever winds up with it will appreciate it.

"I'm hopeful. I'm prayerful," said Gorrow.

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