Armed Robbery Victim Speaks Out About Forgiveness

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20 year old Jenna Johnson was sitting on the steps of her back porch talking on the phone when she saw three young boys walk by. She says they waved and said hello.

Next thing she knew, one of the teenagers ran up to her with a shirt wrapped around his face and demanded money and her phone. Jenna told him she didn't have money but quickly handed over her phone. While this was going on, the boy held a gun to her head.

Not long after Authorities apprehended three teenagers who have now been charged with the crime as adults.

Jenna says she feels sorry for the suspects and wonders what would have driven them to such a random act of violence. She says she forgives the boys, and hopes other young people learn the consequences of poor decisions.

The three teenagers charged in the case are 14 year old Laderick Crowell, 15 year old Kevin Crowell and 17 year old Larry Smith.

One of the boys stopped by Jenna's house the day after the crime, with his mother, to apologize.

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