Debs Kickoff Fundraising Event

Meridian, Miss. The Debs Social Service Club kicked off its first ever "Flocking Meridian" fundraiser Monday.

The flocks consist of ten plastic flamingos which will be placed in someone's yard. You can pay 15 dollars to get the flamingos out of your yard, 20 dollars to get them out of your yard and place them in someone else's yard, or 25 dollars to place them in someone's yard and get insurance to make sure they are not placed in your yard again. The money raised will go to the Boys and Girls Club, Love's Kitchen, and other charitable organizations.

"The biggest satisfaction is just getting our community involved in this because that's the main thing that we want to do is get our community involved," said Taylor Agent, President of the Debs.

The Debs are also taking orders for T-shirts, which cost 15 dollars. Sizes XXL and larger cost 17 dollars. They also will accept any donations.