Hanukkah and Thanksgiving Converge

Meridian, Miss. If you are Jewish, you are not only celebrating Thanksgiving today, but the first day of Hanukkah as well.

It's a very rare thing for the two holidays to converge. It hasn't happened in 125 years, and won't happen again, for another 79,043 years! Some people have even given this special occasion a name, "Thanksgivukkah." We caught up with Dr. Marc Fisher, a member of Meridian's Congregation Beth Israel. He says this unusual occasion is rather fitting for the Jewish celebration,
"It's somewhat symbolic because both holidays are a time of Thanksgiving with Hanukkah being Thanksgiving for religious and survival reasons, and certainly, the traditional secular also being survival, survival in the wild , survival of the first harvest in the new world."

Hanukkah is known as the festival of lights, because of the lighting of the eight candles on the Menorah.