Local Fireworks Sales on New Year's

Meridian, Miss. Local fireworks stands are trying to cash in on the New Year's holiday.

The owner of Liberty Fireworks says her business has been down this year and the past few years. She says sales always go much better when the holiday is closer to the weekend instead of the middle of the week. July 4th sales usually go much better than New Year's sales. Even though sales may be down, she says she continues to carry on the tradition of the fireworks business.

"I do it for my mom. My daddy started it. I keep doing it down here. It does make it sort of hard back and forth from Jackson down here, so it is a tradition that is carried on," said Donna Burnside, the owner of Liberty Fireworks.

Liberty Fireworks has been in business since the late 1970s. They have locations in Meridian, Marion, Madison, and Canton.

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