Love's Kitchen Celebrates Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday known for family and good food. And the many visitors to Love's Kitchen today found both. Volunteers at love's kitchen have been working all week to prepare a thanksgiving feast. For the first time this year, the kitchen was open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and executive director Fannie Johnson says they had a fantastic turnout.

"Breakfast we had about 70 or 80 that ate," Johnson said. "We told them, 'Let us clean up a little bit.' and we let them come back in. We've got cards, we've got the TV going. They've been playing cards, hanging out. Some of them have just been sleeping, glad to be out of the cold."

Volunteers prepared for 500 plates, so visitors could return for seconds. They also set up games and a widescreen TV to help everyone feel right at home.

Despite what many might think, Johnson says there's something here for everyone to be thankful for. And that's their own special family here at Love's Kitchen.

"It's not like 'I'm down and out, I've got to go explain to people why I'm down and out, I've got to answer questions to get this food.' No questions. You walk in the door, you sit down and eat, and if you're still hungry, you come back. So it's home today, and everyone in here has something to be thankful for," she said.

Johnson says they had plenty of volunteers to help make the day happen - who were all happy to lend a helping hand.

"We're here to help out and provide services to the community with our spare time. It's something that we enjoy to do because we came here to support a country, and this is part of that right here at home," said volunteer Arthur Ellis with the Shipmates Program.