MPD Arrests Two in Major Cocaine Bust

The Meridian Police Department is now charging two men after seizing about $350,000 worth of cocaine this week. The MPD Ice and Narcotics Unit has charged 35-year-old Wellington Diaz and 33-year-old Felipe Diaz both with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute over one kilo. The men were found with 10 kilos of cocaine - one of the largest busts the MPD has seen.

"Most the time, what we're dealing with on cocaine and meth and that kind of stuff, on the typical traffic stop or whatever is probably maybe a bag about a dime size," Lt. John Griffith of the MPD explained.

And as you can see, this is a much larger quantity than "dime size." Lieutenant Griffith says these guys may not have been drug dealers, but they were definitely trafficking the drugs.

"This would have been a shipment going somewhere to get cut down and then sold in smaller quantities," Lt. Griffith said.

Officers found the cocaine in a tractor trailer Tuesday night on Interstate 20-59 east. The MPD is now in possession of that trailer, and Lt. Griffith says that could have a great impact.

But it's more than just getting the criminals off the street. The MPD says seizing a vehicle like this can even further benefit the city or the police department.

"The truck, they'll do a seizure on it, and if it's awarded to us through the court system, then it will either be used for the city of Meridian or it'll be sold off. If it's sold, that money comes back in to our forfeiture and seizure fund," he said.

Bond has been set at $200,000 for each on the charge.