North Lauderdale Water Association Holds Meeting

North Lauderdale Water Association holds meeting at EMEPA.
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Meridian, Miss. The North Lauderdale Water Association says work is underway to solve some of the issues for its customers.

A meeting was called for tonight to address an opening on the association's board. The board was split two-to-two on the new board member, so the members of the association elected the person to the board. Lou Limerick was elected by a paper ballot tonight. Also at the meeting, some people did voice their complaints on the quality of their water. Work is being done on two of the four plants, and one of the board members says the updates will help solve the residents' issues.

"I do. It's a long term solution. It's not a quick fix, but I think it's going to improve. It does seem to be that there are certain areas that are worse affected more frequently affected than others. That's another thing we are trying to get our hands on is find out where the trouble spots are and start to address those better," said North Lauderdale Water Association Board Member Ike Kiefer.

The association has created a Facebook page where officials will post information for customers about any possible boil water notices or maintenance on the plants.