"One-on-One" With Vince Gill

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Meridian, Mississippi Imagine my surprise when "The" Vince Gill asked me to sing with him. I don't think he'll ask me to open for him anytime soon, but it was surreal sitting with these incredible musicians as they jammed a little, just testing out the stage and incredible acoustics of the Riley Center.

The twenty-time Grammy Award winner, who has been celebrated in many genres of music, says performing at the Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Festival is significant. Gill says Rodgers is "Royalty" to the music world.

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for him," he says. "I had his records as a young boy. My mother and father had them, and so I knew all those great songs that he did. So this was fun for all of us to be down here. It's a great state with some great history, some great musical history, and we are all aware of that, and realize we're in some pretty serious music fans area, so were thrilled to be here."

Gill started sitting in with the Time Jumpers, a group of legendary Nashville studio musicians and became a regular part of the group about three years ago. Gill says the music scratches a great itch for him, like it does for many people.

"You find there's a sense of people who feel a little bit disenfranchised by the direction of country music to some degree," he adds. "Some people like it a little more old school, a little more traditional, and they're hungry for it."

As long as folks are hungry for good music, Vince Gill will deliver.

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