Philadelphians March to "Stop the Violence"

Dozens of community members in Philadelphia braved the cold and rain to get one simple message out: "Stop the Violence." Organizers held a march through various neighborhoods in the city to spread the word.

"I have grandkids that are coming up. So we just decided that there was something we needed to do as a community," said rally organizer Tiffany Miller. "If we didn't take a stand, the violence was going to get worse."

Miller lost her best friend and two uncles when their lives were cut short by murder. She says she hopes parents will get more involved in teaching the importance of life and community members will be more willing to come forward to authorities with information.

Philadelphia Mayor James Young was seen leading the crowd, as he says the violence in Philadelphia is an issue very close to his heart.

"This is our city. So many of our community families have been touched by the violence over the last six months to a year. And the younger generation is stirring this fire again," Mayor Young said.

Mayor Young says violence in the city has been on the rise. The 14th violent crime was just committed in Philadelphia this year. Organizers say they wanted to recognize those victims.

"We hit all the areas that the recent violence has been at. And that's why we walked so far around. Because every area we hit, that's where violence was. Where we started was the last killing," said another organizer, Shaun Seales.

And don't think this is the last effort you'll see to curb violence. Miller says they'll do whatever it takes.

"It is not going to stop. Again, this is a movement," Miller said.

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