Voters and Officials Comment on Miss. ID Law

This is the first election since Mississippi's voter ID law has gone into effect, which means all voters must show some form of identification to cast their ballots. Although this is the first election we've seen the voter id law, poll workers have made it through the day with almost no problems whatsoever.

"this was a good election for us to get our feet wet with it being a smaller turnout than normal because it's a federal election cycle," circuit clerk Donna Jill Johnson says. "Now, next year with the county-wide, state-wide from governor to constable, we'll probably be tested."

You can show almost any type of identification from a driver's license to a firearms permit or even a student ID.

"I think it's a very good idea because everybody should have some form of id in your purse at all times, and it's very convenient for me," voter Mary E. McDaniel says.

The idea behind the law is to prevent voter fraud.

"Any people voting when they shouldn't be voting because if you show a voter's card and it doesn't have a picture on it, that may not be you," election official Mary Barrett says.

"They can look at your picture, and automatically they'll say, we know this is John Doe," election official Nancy Wilson explains. "So once you have your id, it just makes it a lot easier."

Others say being able to exercise your right to vote surpasses any minor inconveniences.

"We should overcome any obstacle, even as those who have gone before us who did not have the right to vote," voter Gary Houston says. "We have it now, so let's push forward, work within our system, and let's get out and vote."

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