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Video FAQ

1. What do I need to watch your videos on my mobile phone?
First, you will need a phone with data access capabilities, a web browser and the ability to display video in either WMV, QuickTime, or 3G format. On some phones you'll see a link marked "Web," "Internet," or "Browser" as soon as the phone is powered up. The link may also be named after your particular phone provider's service.

Secondly, you need to key-in the following address: http://www.wtok.com/mobi. Be sure to bookmark this address for future use. If you need help bookmarking the address, consult your phone's user manual.

Then just browse to the news page and look for video links at the top of the stories.

2. What is "High Speed" wireless access?
High speed access refers to services provided by wireless carriers that allow for a large amount of data to be sent quickly to the phone. Different carriers use different formats and names for their high speed data access. Some of the services are referred to generically as "3G" or 3rd Generation. AT&T has EDGE and GPRS services, while Verizon has VCast. Sprint calls their service the Power Vision Network. T-Mobile Internet is the data access service from T-Mobile. Other carriers may use other terms.

3. Can I use it with my wireless carrier?
This depends on your wireless carrier, their local network capabilities and the phone you use. Most carriers now offer high speed data access to certain phones, and that is what you will need in order to see the streaming video. Some carriers may block streaming video access on some phones, so if you get an error when viewing a video, check with your carrier to make sure you should be able to see the video. Contact your wireless carrier if you have any questions about their available services and the fees for those services.

4. How much does it cost to use?
News and Other videos are offered free of charge through our WAP site. Your wireless provider may charge you for the data stream needed to view the videos, so check with your provider about costs associated with watching videos. You may want to ask them about the possibility of an unlimited access plan.

5. How does it work?
Local news and other videos are available with certain news items. If you see a video link at the top of the article, just click it and, if your phone is compatible, the video will launch automatically. It may take a little while for the video to start, depending on the format used, the size of the total file, and the currently available speed on your carrier's network.

6. How big are the video files? How long will it take for me to start seeing the video?
The video files vary in size depending on the format used and the length of the clip. We optimize the clips to be as small as possible without sacrificing viewability. It may take a few moments for a clip to start. Most providers charge for data access by the kilobyte, not the minute, but you need to check with your carrier to find out how they charge.

7. Can I access my local news from anywhere?
You can access local news and other video from anywhere in the world that has a high speed cell network available from your carrier. We do not restrict access in any way, but you may be unable to see the video if you are in a place with no high speed networks available, or in a place that your wireless provider does not cover.

8. How do I sign up? Do I have to subscribe to something?
There is no subscription and no fees for the service. All you need to do is go to our mobile website and click on the video links.

9. Why does my mobile video seem choppy? The video doesn't work when I am in the suburbs, or mall, or park. Why is that?
Video services work using high speed cell networks to provide the data to your phone. If you are in an area that does not have high speed coverage, the videos may not work because of the amount of time it will take to download them. Also, if the carrier signal is interrupted or broken up in an area, then the video will not download as quickly or stream as seamlessly.

10. Why does my screen suddenly appear dark?
Most phones have a function that darkens or turns off the screen after a certain period of inactivity. Since you are watching a video and not pressing any buttons, you have probably gone past that period. Check your phone’s manual to see how to lengthen the time before the screen darkens.

11. How come the picture does not fill my entire screen?
Our videos are optimized for the majority of compatible phones. If your phone has an unusual screen size or shape, then the video may not fill the whole screen. Most of our videos are designed to display on screens that are 220 X 180 pixels in size.

12. Why am I seeing only a part of the video window? Why does the video look so big?
If your phone has a screen that is smaller than the video size (usually 220 x 180) then you may see only a portion of the video, usually with the edges and top cut off. Your phone may have a function to shrink websites so that they fit within the screen. Check your user manual to see if your phone has this, and try turning it on if the video is too wide or tall.

13. Can I take a call or receive a message while I'm watching TV?
This depends on the phone and the wireless carrier. Certain phones will not interrupt the video stream for a phone call or an incoming message. If your wireless service includes voicemail, calls will go to voicemail.

14. What exactly is data access?
Data access allows you to browse the web via your handheld device. Using your mobile web browser typically won't use up minutes on your calling plan, but you'll need a data plan in order to use a Web browser on your phone. Check with your carrier for specific pricing details. Coverage may differ depending on your carrier and phone.

15. How do I Launch the website from a Text Message?
Open the text message that was sent to your phone.
Select http://www.wtok.com/mobi using your phone keypad and press OK or GO in most cases the phone will automatically use the embedded link that is inside the text message. You'll see the WTOK Mobile home page, ready for you to enjoy.
Add WTOK Mobile to your mobile bookmarks using the "Options" or "Menu" softkey.

16. How do I Launch the website from my Cell Phone Browser?
Launch the mobile Internet browser on your phone.
Select the "Go to URL" or "Open new link" option using the "Menu" or "Options" softkey on your phone.
Enter http://www.wtok.com/mobi using your phone keypad and press OK or GO (there's no need to enter http:// on most cell phone or PDA broswers). You'll see the WHSV Mobile home page, ready for you to enjoy.
Add WTOK Mobile to your mobile bookmarks using the "Options" or "Menu" softkey.

17. How do I know if my mobile phone will support web browsing?
You can check phone compatibility from this website, just by clicking “Check my Phone” on the previous page. Consult your user's manual or check with your telephone manufacturer if you have any questions about specific features. Our list of compatible phones is based on information from the various carriers. Some new phones may not have been added yet.

18. I've accessed the WTOK Mobile Web site, but I'm having problems getting the system to respond.
Check to see if you can access other URLs. If not, you may be out of the area covered by your service provider. If you can access other URLs, there may be a temporary problem with the site. Try again later. If the problem persists, however, send us an e-mail at gimsupport@gray.tv.

19. I can see the video link in a news story, but when I click on it I get an error message
Some carriers block certain phones from receiving streaming content, such as our videos. If you get an error message, check with your carrier to make sure your phone should be capable of seeing the video. If your carrier says you should be able to see the video with your phone, please email us at gimsupport@gray.tv and let us know who your carrier is, what phone you have, and what the error message was.

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