Get Fit, Don't Quit!

Despite what many people might think, dietician Mary Gilmore says you really can "Get Fit in 2006!" According to her, the main keys are moderation and elimination.

First, when it comes to moderation she says that can best be done in reducing the amount of fat in your food.

"Instead of frying, putting a lot of oil in your pan to stop the sticking, we can just use spray vegetable oil. Vegetable spray is a way to have our pans not stick and of course that's cutting down some calories," says Gilmore.

Furthermore, when it comes to oils, she says there are some other things that you should know.

"Olive oil is a good oil, but it still has about 50 calories per teaspoon, so by making that substitution you don't necessarily cut down on calories but it is a much healthier oil. It's much more heart healthy because it doesn't cause your body to produce as much cholesterol as other fats would."

With New Year's right around the corner, Gilmore says something else to consume in moderation is alcohol, not only for safety reasons but also because it's high in calories.

Speaking of drinks, that's where Gilmore says elimination comes in the picture, especially in terms of sugar.

"If someone were trying to have a New Year's resolution, that's a great place to start to eliminate calories from beverages because that's the easiest place to give up calories. Remember a cup of sugar is 750 calories, so when you add a cup, that's a lot."

Instead, Gilmore recommends using sugar substitutes such as Splenda or Sweet and Low.

"In fact, one of my clients lost 50 pounds that first year and that was the only thing she did was give up sweet tea."

When it comes to giving up things in food, Gilmore says that doesn't necessarily mean giving up taste.

"Just putting a little bit a vanilla in your oatmeal for people who don't like plain oatmeal. Goya produces a product called ham. It's a ham bullion and it's great to use in peas, butter beans, anything that you would use fat meat in or baking grease."

Plus, "Here we have cayenne pepper of course, mustard, onion, garlic, parsley, all of these help food taste little bit better but without adding extra calories because these spices have no calories. All we're doing is enhancing flavor," says Gilmore.

Here's another helpful tip: when going out to eat or to a New Year's Eve party wear pants that are a little more snug and buckle the belt a little bit more so that you can't eat as much!

Now to an update on Tyrone AKA "Honey Bun" White's progress. For the past month we've been following him on his quest to get fit and not quit. Well, over the holidays Tyrone says he skipped one of his holiday favorites, pie. Not only that, but since that time he's been eating fruit for breakfast.

Next Thursday we'll check back in with Tyrone and introduce you to the lucky lady who's been chosen to also be a part of the challenge!

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