Parole Board Considers Releasing Larry Fisher

Larry Fisher was arrested in 1983 in Lauderdale County and charged with several rapes and two murders. He was eventually convicted of one of the rapes and sentenced to life in prison.

But that sentence came with the possibility of parole, and that possibility is now on the horizon.

It's Charlene Horne's worst nightmare, seeing the man who raped her now-deceased mother get out of jail.

"It has just been tough," Horne said. "And people don't need to worry about something like that."

Horne and her family have been worrying about this since they discovered Fisher was up for parole some 18 years after he was convicted of raping her mother, Patsy Rivers Guthrie.

Investigators say Fisher had a police blue light and used it to pull unsuspecting women over on rural roads and attack them. He was arrested after a sting operation using a female officer in the front seat and a male officer hidden in the back.

Former Meridian Detective Bobby House was the man in the back seat the night Fisher was caught. He took fisher down on the 30th night of the operation.

"To look face to face with an armed serial killer, it was an experience I'll never forget," said House, who is now a private investigator.

House recently testified in front of the Mississippi Parole Board, urging it not to let Fisher out of jail. He said if fisher is released it would be only a matter of time before he struck again.

"I know it would be a matter of time. I want them to know he's a sexual predator and a serial murderer," said House.

Charlene Horne has also talked to members of the parole board. She says she can't imagine they would vote to release him, but she's not taking any chances.

"I feel like he's not going anywhere, but we just got to keep pushing and make sure he doesn't," Horne said.

The parole board is expected to make a decision in the next several weeks.

Horne and her family have started a petition campaign, asking members of the community to sign up to ask the parole board to keep Fisher in jail. Some of his other alleged victims and their families have started a letter writing campaign, asking the same thing.

Anyone wishing to contact the Mississippi Parole Board about this matter may write:

State of Mississippi Parole Board
201 West Capitol Street
Suite 800
Jackson, MS 39201
(601) 354-7716

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