Barry Appointments

Tuesday morning the Meridian City Council unanimously approved 31-year military veteran Mark McDonald as the city's new chief administrative officer.

For the past year, McDonald has worked as a training support officer at the training facility on board Naval Air Station Meridian.

Barry also appointed Billy Ready, Sr., longtime civil rights attorney and and an early supporter of her campaign, as the new city attorney.

Both say they are bringing ideas and experience to the positions.

"Experience and contacts to the table for a lady who has some magnificent ideas and some innovative approaches to try," said Ready.

"We typically, when you look at us in our totality, are a service oriented economy and if we expect Meridian to grow, we're going to have to have an industrial based economy to do that," McDonald said.

McDonald says he plans to work with Mayor Barry to come up with a strategy to make this happen.

Meanwhile, Barry informed the council about her efforts to establish an education advisory committee that will be made up of people from the city.

"What I want to do is get the community involved in selecting the school board, so we can have the best possible board we've every had," said Barry. "And it'll be the community helping me to make that appointment."

'When it comes to the education committee, Mayor Barry's office is now taking applications where interested participants are being asked what they think needs to be done to move the district forward.

With the 10 to 12 person committee expected to be in place within the next two weeks, Mayor Barry says she plans to make two appointments to the school board within the next six weeks.

Terms have expired for two members have already expired. The term for board vice-president Fred Wile ended in June. The term for George Myers expired in March. Terms are five years in length.

The newest member of the council, Bobby Smith of Ward 5, was voted by the panel to serve as president. Ward 4 councilman Jesse Palmer was chosen as vice-president.

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  • by Please help! Location: Meridian on Jul 16, 2009 at 04:20 PM
    MPSD needs help from our new Mayor things are even worse than they were even a month ago. Our district does not need to endure another year like we have had this year. Please make education one of your top priorities. Please help!
  • by Hello Location: Meridian on Jul 10, 2009 at 07:09 PM
    Red-line's comments about minorities should protest?.... Give me a break! MPSD administration is comprised of about 30 African American administrators to 5 white administrators (not to mention the # of white teachers that left just this year and being replaced with African American teachers), with more African American appointments being made every day in high-level positions. Where's the justice in this..Whites are the minority group in that circus..but are they screaming or calling for whites to protest??!! Promotions/placements are being made in the school district because of color, not qualifications..that's a fact and it is such a joke. Thanks, Cheri, for placing the right people where they need to be..I just hope you see what's going on in this school system and put a stop to the reverse discrimination that is so evident.
  • by JBF on Jul 8, 2009 at 05:39 PM
    Why can't our community reflect a positive attitude for all of the new appointments. The mayor is elected and is not going anywhere and her appointments have been made. Why should she disrespected for her "buddy" appointments. I would be more concerned if she chose to appoint people that she knew didn't support her campaign or her platforms. And it appears to me that she is already trying to make a difference by giving the community the chance to create the school board. It is almost like she is ______ if she does and ______ if she doesn't. If she would have wanted a one sided north meridian school board she would have chosen the people herself. Give her a chance! Her heart is in the right place.
  • by JBF on Jul 8, 2009 at 05:23 PM
    Redline- If Bill Ready is supporting the poor and rich, black and white, isn't he doing his best to support everyone. Isn't that what meridian needs? Sounds like he will people on both sides of the fence.
  • by Been There on Jul 8, 2009 at 10:47 AM
    Just a thought. Isn't it amazing that as long as it is our "buddies" getting appointed everything is just great. The winner does have the opportunity to appoint his/her "buddies".Like it or not, that is how the system works.
  • by Mimi Location: Meridian on Jul 8, 2009 at 09:55 AM
    I hope the mayor is being truthful about the advisory committee, and not just saying something she thinks we want to hear, and in a few weeks we hear nothing more from this.I think the committee should include people from each section of the city that makes up the school district, not just people with addresses in the northern part of the city.I plan to watch this very closely.It's time for everyone to be included in the city of Meridian.
  • by Go Mayor Barry! Location: Meridian on Jul 8, 2009 at 09:27 AM
    So glad Mayor Barry is moving forward with some new ideas for improving our school system! Hope the education advisory committee can make some changes for the better. Redline- if you were mayor, would you appoint people you didn't know or that supported programs/ideas you felt were contrary to your goals as mayor? I think not. You may not be a fan of Bill Reedy, but don't automatically assume he won't get the job done.
  • by Citizen Q Location: Meridian on Jul 8, 2009 at 08:23 AM
    Redline.. here's a novel thought for you: "minority" isn't owned by one race of people, contrary to popular opininon. Left handed people are a minority as are redheads, people under 5'2", people with Down Syndrome, women, etc. How in this world is Bill Ready a "fence jumper"? He was appointed by a Republican mayor..first time that's ever happened...makes him part of the Minority. So, why should minorities protest????
  • by Bob on Jul 8, 2009 at 07:57 AM
    Who would you expect her to appoint? Enemies?!
  • by RedLine Citizen Location: Meridian on Jul 8, 2009 at 07:54 AM
    Here we go again ! The buddy buddy system in now back in effect. I wonder how many more buddies she will pick for her staff! I fill that Bill Reedy is a fence jumper. One week he for the minority interest and the next week he is for his own. Minorities should protest his appointment.
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