Meridian Residents on Health Care Reform

By: Tametria Conner Email
By: Tametria Conner Email

For 58-year-old Meridian resident George Blanks Jr changing the U.S. health care system and creating a universal health care program is a matter of life or death.

"No insurance, it's a hard feeling. If a person is terminally ill, they won't see no financial aid, they won't see another day," Meridian resident George Blanks Jr. said.

Blanks says he's worked all his life, but his health starting failing and his health coverage lapsed. He was forced to retire early and now with no insurance and medical problems, he says a health coverage program for everyone is critical.

"With no insurance, you can't go to any doctor you want to and by going to the emergency room, you're just racking up bills you can't afford," Blanks said.

Statistics reveal nearly 46 million Americans have no insurance, and 25 million more are under insured. One major reason for this crisis is that many employers have stopped offering insurance to employees because of the high cost. And many people don't qualify for Medicare or Medicaid or can't afford private insurance.

"They need the universal medical coverage," Blanks said.

The president is pushing for a health insurance program that would be available for everyone, similar to how Medicare is now an option for Americans over age 65. President Obama has said he's already identified hundreds of billions of dollars worth of savings in the federal budget that could help finance it.

"He's trying his best to do whatever is best for the nation but it's going to be rough," Meridian Resident Vertia Hudson said.

But some locals aren't buying it because they say there's already enough governmental programs and we don't need to dish out anymore money.

"We can't pay for all the programs we have and the private sector does things much, much better," Meridian Resident Rex Lewis said.

Many agree there needs to be change in some form, but they disagree on how to do it. That's something that could be debated for months to come.

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  • by Joseph Location: Meridian on Aug 10, 2009 at 07:22 AM
    Yes, hospitals and physicians overcharge for their services; however this is an effort to recoup huge losses on the healthcare industry each year from people without insurance not paying their bills. Healthcare is the only business where people expect to get services for free. You can't go to McDonalds, taco Bell, or any eatery and expect to eat for free. You can't go to Rick Justice and expect to drive off the lot with a free car. You can't run your AC and expect the power company not to get their money, so why should you expect the hospital to give you free service. I understand insuarnce is expensive; however a simple visit for a cold to the ER will cost you at least 500 dollars. Wake up people, I don;t work everyday to support you with my taxes, I work everyday to ensure my family has everything we need, NOT EVERYBODY ELSE!
  • by Carolyn Location: East Miss on Aug 9, 2009 at 09:04 PM
    Health Care needs fixing but not at the expense of older americans who will have to do without. Obmama's way is going to break America, that has to be a better way. Why not fix Medicaid? Why create problems with other americans who already have their health coverage? It will also create havoc with the Employers. People will be loosing jobs on account of this so called health care plan. He's too pushy, he needs to slow down and work with the people instead of againist them and calling them names and sicking his thugs on the american people who disagree with him.
  • by susan on Aug 9, 2009 at 08:21 PM
    I don't think we need government controled health care. I have read the so called health care plan of obama's and when you start letting the government take over everything it is not good. I know we need something but, not controled by the government. The bill that he proposes will limit some care to the elderly and will force people to enroll or else they will be taxed if they choose not to enroll. People better wake up and pay attention and actually take the time to read and understand this health care bill. I promise it is not a good thing. We are living in the end times and when we start letting the government take control of everything we will no longer have the freedoms we are use to. I was appalled at some of the things that are in this bill. I have written my senator and my respresentative and told them how I feel about this health care plan. If you don't believe what I'm saying please take time to research and find out for yourself. I printed off all 244 pgs. and read it!!
  • by Mike Location: Lauderdale on Aug 9, 2009 at 02:23 PM
    There is a Great Need for a Low Cost Universal Health Care Plan. But, I think it sould be ran be the Private Sector instead of the Government. Most of the problems is the Hospitals overcharging for their services and getting away with it. The Government needs to oversee the Hospitals very closely, along with the Insurance Industry. Both, the Hospitals and the Insurance Industry needs to be overhauled from top to bottom and overseen by the Government.
  • by Ann Location: Newton on Aug 9, 2009 at 06:08 AM
    Why does wtok not run a series on health care reform? Giving both sides of the question in depth, taking special care to present the main points on each side, not just a one-sided comment from people. This could be an interesting story, with elderly people worried that their medicare will be cut and reports that the bill will call for elderly to have rationed health care, with the government talking about access to everyone's bank account, and talk about the need for the elderly to have a five year conference with the government representative about how they want to die.......In addition there is some doubt that the president actually knows what is going to be in the health care bill...after all, he has not read it, either!
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