Parents Charged with Child Abuse

By: Lindsey Brown Email
By: Lindsey Brown Email

Parents have been charged in Lauderdale County with the abuse of their twin babies.

26-year-old Jessica Reed and 23-year-old Michael Reed, both of Meridian, were arrested earlier this week on the charges. Their children had already been taken from them, and now they're facing jail time.

The twin boys were four months old at the time of the alleged abuse. Now they are just over two years old.

Officials say this case has taken a long time to build, simply because of the age of the children. Authorities say they are finally at a point to move on the case.

The children were removed from the parents as soon as the alleged abuse was detected at a local hospital. Since then the children have been in foster care in a different part of the state. They have had no contact with the parents.

"This case is taking a long time, much longer than any of us want," said Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun.

He said the fact is that these victims were and are unable to give information about what happened to them. So the prosecution relies partially on the testimony of experts in the field. Calhoun said getting that can be time consuming.

Calhoun said the babies' broken bones and fractured skulls led to them being placed in protective custody.

Both suspects have been charged with two counts of child neglect and abuse.

Bond for Jessica Reed was set at $40,000 total, $20,000 for each charge.
Michael Reed's bond was also set at $40,000.

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  • by To Ed on Nov 5, 2009 at 02:01 PM
    To Mr Ed i notice that on a lot of this storys you comment to.Do you have a life?JOBE?WIFE?!!!!...It seems you LOVE DRAMA and try to become the center of it..........YOU want to hear something "GET A FREAKING LIFE"or have you not hear of a EDUCATION
  • by Anonymous on Nov 5, 2009 at 01:57 PM
    amy, i really do think that you need to shove it up yours. the only reason that anyone refuses to believe family members is because the family will obviously take up for their fallen loved ones. but i must ask you this, will it really get you anywhere on attacking my intelligence when i went and still go to school? you need to grow up and get a life. i've seen everything happen with those two little boys, jessica, and michael. and if you got anything more you would like to comment on, you can contact me at i would GLADLY put you in the place YOU deserve. i hope YOUR justice gets served. whatever little justice it may be.
  • by ME Location: MO and MS on Nov 5, 2009 at 11:19 AM
    I am Micheal Reed's cousin. Micheal lived with me for awhile and I trusted him with my baby girl more than my own husband. Micheal is very loving, gentle and caring when it comes to children. To say that he did this to his own sons is ridiculous. No where on the news did it say that the hospital sent the wrong baby home because of their mix up. They sent an unhealthy baby home who was not ready to leave the hospital! So do you not think that this would have implications in itself? These babies were born extremely preemie, even the nurses themselves said a lot could have happaned in the child birthing process.I was appalled and saddened by how the media made Micheal and Jessica out to be these horrible people. A lot of what was said on the news was hearsay and absolutely made up. This makes me question any news I hear now. Micheal is a good person and he loves his boys more than anything.
  • by AMY on Nov 4, 2009 at 01:31 PM
    Anonymous #1... You have a bias opinion because you are related to the parents and no one wants to believe that relatives would do something like this. If you know more than a doctor why dont you have your M.D.? Probably because you don't know proper grammar. We idiots need to learn more about the "health field"? What are your credintials in this area? As a professional in the legal field I can say that the case has taken a while to adapt due to the age of the children and the fact that most of the information is coming from medical professionals because the poor children are too young to enlighten us on what truly happened. This is a sad case and I do hope justice is served.
  • by Anonymous on Nov 4, 2009 at 12:08 PM
    I go with the anonymous here.People make things up and lie to much.No one nows what really went on....
  • by Anonymous on Nov 3, 2009 at 04:49 PM
    ok, i am the father's sister. and i tell all of u freakin idiots that it is not true. one boy had a SEIZURE ok, boys and girls, when you have a SEIZURE, ANYTHING can happen. THIS INCLUDES FRACTURES, BRUISES, ETC ETC ETC!!!!! so this means, that doctors do not kno wat they are doing anymore. as for the other boy, jessica had many complications during her pregnancy. which she got landed in the hospital often. which leads to my one and only point....ANYTHING CAN FREAKIN HAPPEN IN A PREGNANCY!!!!! all of u are idiots b/c u believe everything that someone says in the news. all of you need to get an education and learn MORE about the health field. and all of you are acting like immature, spoiled brats that never get your way. arguing about education and how stupid one another is. where does that lead you?? how stupid are you for accusing other people of how "stupid" they are?? ask yourselves that.
  • by Ed on Nov 3, 2009 at 03:10 PM
    chrivia if there is medical factors in this mess then their doctors would have the papers right there to back them. but there is more in this story then what all know. yes i do have major questions of the DHS and schools involved.... but you study the average person in this DHS and so on most are out of college no kids and max work life is 2,4 yrs .... most are taught first aid and need to know EMT training.. read the history on DHS (CPS) eye opener
  • by chrivia Location: NAS on Nov 3, 2009 at 01:56 PM
    you all don't understand this kids were born to early and had medical defects i'm a really friend to the family i know the whole story. they had seizers which can cause damage to the body also to babies when their bodies aren't completely developed. besides i know they have more than one kid why do it to the youngest kids when they have older ones also. think about that. i think they should be ginen a chance. also if they were abusing them why would the parents make it an effort t go and see the kids at least twice a week and spend time with them. i'm being serious think about that medical defects and premature babies. come on people think about it
  • by Loretta Location: Meridian on Oct 31, 2009 at 08:25 PM
    Have any of you guys heard of the term " innocent until proven guilty?" just asking..
  • by Anonymous on Oct 31, 2009 at 02:37 PM
    yes I remember Mrs.Reed as a manager @ the shell in North Hills I remeber her being pregnant and even after birth always asking how her babies were so you can imagine the shock I felt when I heard those kids was abused. If she didn't do it did she sit around and let someone else do it and not say anything because if that is the case she is just as guilty. I agree with every1 else she was a sweet girl but in actuality that could've been a front. I did think she was quiet and especially when her husband would come around she would tense up not being able to concentrate on what she was doing..Not implying her husband because I know nothing about the man jus reflecting back on some things. But @ the end of the day this is sad and somebody has to pay....
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